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Our furniture, your event!

Furniture that’s attractive, functional, trendy, varied, high-quality and, above all, professional.
You’ll find a wide range of products to fit out your event space.
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Furniture & Rental services for professionals

A wide choice of designer furniture and accessories to enhance your events
A premium catalog

Our furniture and accessories are selected for their aesthetic and functional value.

A vast geography

Our delivery services take the hassle out of transporting your furniture.

Unwavering commitment

We guarantee our commitments, and the Mooby solution has been acclaimed for all types of events.

The right response

Our goal is customer satisfaction, and whatever the size of the event, mooby has the right solution.

A wide choice of furniture and decorative accessories

Your customized event

Do you have a trade show to prepare? Do you want to give your company a solid public image? Do you have a temporary reception area that you’d like to enhance with trendy designer furniture?

Mooby brings you all the furniture rental solutions you need for your event, trade show, seminar, wedding, gala, …

Furniture rental
  • The chairs
  • The tables
  • Standing meals
  • Lounge seating
  • High stools
Professional equipment rental
  • Counters and buffets
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Decoration
  • Plant rental
  • Tableware and Tablecloths

A complete choice of furniture


A customized delivery service


Product availability


A choice of trendy furniture


A response tailored to your needs


Our common goal:
make your event unforgettable

Because we share your values and understand your needs, we aim for constant customer satisfaction.

Mooby caters for all businesses, large and small, with a solution tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our furniture for your event

At Mooby we provide furniture rental solutions for all types of events. Our services don’t stop at our warehouse: we can also deliver our chairs, tables, stools, manges-debouts, etc. to your event venue.

Our achievements

Here are a few examples of mooby creations.